My Healthy Journey: 3 Ways to Start Feeling Amazing

downloadAs most of you know I started my healthy lifestyle back in December.  At that time I weighed approximately 192 lbs and I set my goal at 177 lbs.  I achieved that goal and surpassed it which is an amazing feeling!  Following our vacation in July I gained back 7 pounds :(.  Sad, I know.  This was the result of too many Dr. Peppers and too much fried chicken.

Following that holiday I refocused and set my new goal at 165 pounds with my new starting weight of 176.

When I began this process I decided to solely focus on living a healthier lifestyle and use my weight loss as a measurement only, not my lone motivation.  I figured that if I zero in on eating the proper types of food as a lifestyle change, the weight would naturally come off.  And my guess was accurate.

I weighed 192+ pounds
I weighed 192+ pounds

The 3 basic things I focus on to help me live a healthier lifestyle:

  1. I monitor the types of calories I consume each day.  I do not eat processed foods or fast foods.
  2. I walk at least 5 minutes each day.  Each day I take Bentley out for a walk and make myself move my body.
  3. I eat more vegetables, fruits and lean meats and less red meats.  Common sense tells me to eat more real types of food.

I started my new goal on August 15th and today I weighed in at 172.6.

Each week I measure how well I lived a health lifestyle by comparing what I ate to how much weight I lost.  Each week I expect my body to naturally expel 1 pound of fat and if I make healthier food choices my body should burn that 1 pound of body fat. This helps my body deal with the adverse effects of MS as each pound lost represents a reduction of 4 pounds of pressure off of my knees and legs!

I can tell you that my body feels so much better than it did back in December!  I look back to how I looked at 192 lbs. and it reminds me of how miserable I was physically and emotionally!   AND my weight loss has been relatively simple.  A few minor adjustments to the way I choose my food has made all the difference in the world!

Here I weigh 167 (prior to my fried chicken vacation!!)
Here I weigh 167 (prior to my fried chicken vacation!!)

Plus when Evelina and I start a family, we will be ahead of the game in teaching our kids how to make good food selections; which is very important to us.

I challenge each of you to take a closer look at what “foods” you put in your mouth.  Maybe start this week by eating one meal full of quality vegetables or eating a piece of fruit as a snack?

Just a thought for a Tuesday morning…

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29 thoughts on “My Healthy Journey: 3 Ways to Start Feeling Amazing

  1. Well done! There are a few bloggers I am following who are on a weight loss, or healthy eating kick… I think you will all be inspiring me to get off my ass and do something too!

      1. Well, I didn’t have bread at breakfast, and that’s a start! For me, its getting proper exercise into my day, and stopping that late night craving for snacks! During term time, I an rushed off my feet at school and then when I do have a few minutes, I am so tired! I had hoped this summer holiday, to be more active, but if anything, I was more lethargic! But I will try, I have to!!!

      2. Simple steps: walk 5 minutes per day and eliminate sugar drinks is always a good start. Then add 1 thing after a few weeks, like 1 meal with 2 green veggies.

      3. Remember, changing habits is NOT about eliminating actions, it’s about adding actions. Add veggies or add walking or add exercise. The stopping will happen on its own.

      1. The average person in the U.S. spends 5 hours per day watching television. That equates to 15 years if one lives to 70 years old or 20% of one’s life!

      2. Haha! Great one! We could also encourage movement while they are in front of a screen;) I work out while I watch a show on Netflix quite often lol

    1. It is so important. Last night Evelina and I ate dinner that included more veggies in one meal than the average American eats in two weeks! We are failing ourselves collectively in the way we eat.

      1. Oooh yes! I helped my husband do a research paper when he went back to college. About additives in food. Scary stuff! It’s what encouraged us to take the next steps to eat better. We read labels religiously. Our kids know all about ingredients as well, they read labels more than anyone else I know and they’re only 9 and 11! Their grandma didn’t appreciate being told what was really in her food lol

  2. Congratulations – and I admire you so much. Thank you for posting the photos, also. It is very motivating to see them – and to read your story. Also, thank you for posting the story “The Weight of a Snowflake.” That was great.

    Again, congratulations! (And I take it that Bentley is your dog?) 🙂

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