How to Start Getting Ahead: 4 Areas for Improvement

jumpstartWe talk a lot on Dream Big about living the life you see in your dreams; the life you see in your mind’s eye.  When you envision the life you would life to live I’ll bet it includes more trips, leisure time, relaxation and enjoyment.  And less stress, jobs you hate, penny-pinching and worrying about bills.  I couldn’t imagine the life of my dreams including the latter!

So what is standing in your way?  What is separating your actual life from the life you see in your mind?  Is the life you see in your mind’s eye obtainable?

The answer to the last question is an emphatic YES!  But, it is contingent on how you address the first two questions.

Many of us allow simple problems to overwhelm and ruin our lives.  Health neglect, overwhelming debt, disorganization and selfishness are 4 areas that I witness daily that add to a less joyful life.  And notice I referred to these problems as simple? That’s because they can be rectified!  Debt can be eliminated in a few short years.  Health can be recovered. Disorganization can be overcome and anyone can learn to give of themselves!

These are not monumental achievements! You are not being asked to sail around the world in a dingy or climb Mt. Everest so keep these things in their proper perspective.  They simply require the proper action.

Sir Bentley
Sir Bentley

Here are 4 areas that are holding you back:

  1. Stop neglecting your health.  I do not expect you to become the next Shawn T, but you don’t have to live your life 60 pounds overweight.  I can personally attest to the increase in the quality of my life after losing 25 lbs.  The reduction in the pressure on my knees and legs has been reduced by 100 lbs.  My ability to get out and walk Bentley a couple of times per week allows me to get some exercise and my MS symptoms have lessened a little; not a lot, but a little.  And every bit helps!   Set a calorie goal each day and hit your mark.  Eat a few more veggies and walk a little each day.
  2. Stop ignoring your debt.  Your debt problem is not going to fix itself and ignoring the problem will not make it go away.  It is time to take back control of your life, make some budget cuts and pay off this ridiculous debt once and for all!  You may not realize, but the gorilla-like weight of your debt is causing your physical and emotional strain.  Sacrificing in the short-term will set you up for long-term happiness.
  3. Remove the clutter.  Disorganization affects every part of your life, whether you see it or not.  You’re always late.  You’re usually scattered.  You’re definitely suffering.  And you simply don’t realize the toll that being disorganized is taking on your life.  A cluttered and disorganized life means a cluttered and disorganized mind.  And a disorganized mind will stand in the way of your success.
  4. Stop being selfish.  Selfish people are those that focus on their lives, their needs, their families, their stuff, their time, their wants and rarely consider the needs of others.  And, rarely ever go out of their way to volunteer in any shape or form.  If you want more joy and fulfillment in life you must begin to focus on those in the world that are in need.  I do not know one happily content individual that is selfish; not one!

It is time for you to start getting ahead in life instead of just getting by and that will not start until you realize the changes that you need to make.

If you seek fulfillment, then you cannot continue the cycle of insanity where you continue the same actions expecting a different result.

cycle-of-insanityLook at your current actions as X and your current undesired results as Y.  If X produces Y and Y is undesired, then you must change X in order to change Y.

When I realized this simple equation I completely restructured the habits of my life.  I instilled 14 habits of success over the course of 7+ months in order to bring about different results.  Will that change pay off?  I believe so.  But I knew that I could not continue holding on to the status quo; I had to make changes.

If you are tired of struggling, then assess your habits and make the necessary adjustments.  Start taking care of your body, pay down your debt, get organized and start giving your time to charities.

When you start improving upon these 4 principles your life will change for the better.


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  1. Sir Bentley is adorable and I am sure he is more than happy to spend some time outdoors with you:)
    Number 4 “Stop being selfish” is a huge one that many do not see how it benefits them. But you nailed it when you wrote:
    “I do not know one happily content individual that is selfish; not one!”

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