The Secret Damage to You From Being Disorganized

dream_big_superman_by_wolfaddictMany of my friends and associates dismiss forgetting appointments or being late as trivial occurrences.  What they fail to recognize is that their inability to manage their schedule, return phone calls or keep appointments is having an extended impact on their lives personally and professionally!


10 thoughts on “The Secret Damage to You From Being Disorganized

  1. Great article you shared! So true about the secret collateral damage that is caused by standing someone up. People who are in the habit of doing that need to be more aware of this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had a friend once that I would not give a recommendation for a referral. They were upset and wanted to know why. So we planned to meet at a local restaurant to talk. This person showed up very late, loaded with excuses and completely disheveled. The first words out of my mouth? “This is why I could not recommend you. I will not have my reputation soiled by your inability to maintain the smallest of considerations.

      1. Not well at the time. This person tried the usual justification of failure instead of acknowledging and taking responsibility. Later they apologized.

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