12 Tips to Live a Passionate Life

imagesThese are some fantastic tips on learning to live a life full of passion.  You must develop an open mind and welcome new experiences.  It is through new experiences that we learn about ourselves, the world and those around us.  It will change your perspective.



5 thoughts on “12 Tips to Live a Passionate Life

  1. Wonderful tips for sure! I especially like “stop trying to be somebody and start opening up” and “experience your longing” because it hits home with why I started blogging and the message I would like to put out there:)

    1. I like that one as well. Many people email me about being unfulfilled or generally unhappy. I ask them what they are doing about it and usually the answer is the same thing they always do: nothing. I advise them to start trying new things or go volunteer somewhere. You must open yourself up to new experiences!

      1. Yes!!! I’ve run across ppl that say the same and I tell them if you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results. It’s always interesting how you may not notice something that is obvious to everyone else. Like the article mentioned, you get stuck with yourself.

      2. I practice being aware of opportunities to give which allows me to be aware of others needs and more alive. I love volunteering and getting others to do the same. Fulfilling in itself to see someone begin to become aware of those in need around them.

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