Finding a Life Passion Will Jump Start Your Confidence?

2A post from yesterday has me thinking.  Is it possible that more people lack self-belief because they have not found something in their life to be passion about?  I have posted on this topic before, but never approached it from this angle.

It seems to me that there are lots of people who I encounter lack a pure and authentic self-belief.  I see people pretending to be self assure, I witness people wishing they were self-confident, but few that simply are sure of themselves.  Does this necessarily mean that person lacks a true life passion?

I have encountered friends who discovered an unknown love or talent and seemed to be transformed as they found something they were good at that others were not.  And it can be a simple life focus: poetry, running, volunteering, writing, biking, etc.  And the passion that develops from the new activity transforms the person’s life forever.

They earn more confidence.  They get out of their comfort zone.  Trying something new and realizing they love it seems to awaken some confidence beast within.  And it shows in their mannerisms and it shows in their life.

Passion is an amazing power.

A thought for a Monday morning…


14 thoughts on “Finding a Life Passion Will Jump Start Your Confidence?

  1. What you’re saying makes sense. I am sometimes not a very confident person, but when I am doing something I am really good at, my confidence level definitely increases.

  2. Absolutely. I often wonder what finding an interest/passion does to our bio-chemistry-for example-does it stimulate a confidence chemical or hormone? I don’t know but I know the feeling.

  3. I love this post, and you are right on target with this wisdom. I feel confident about things I am passionate about. It makes me wonder, if I should, in areas were I don’t feel confident, work a little more at having, if not passion…intent to be passionate at some point.

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