6 Things to Keep in Mind About Your Affect on Others


We all have an affect on other people and that influence will either be generally positive or generally negative.  I encourage each of you reading to consider what type of influence and impact you are having on the world around you: coworkers, family, friends and associates.  What will they say about you when you are gone?  OR what are they saying about you behind your back?

Do you treat people with respect?  Do you do for others as you want done for you?  Are you quick to help?  Or are you sarcastic?  Rude?  Vile?  Selfish?  A gossip?  Two-faced?  We all need to take a long look at ourselves and make sure we are having a positive impact on the lives around us!


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12 thoughts on “6 Things to Keep in Mind About Your Affect on Others

    1. We all are. I only recall a few times in my life when my mom or dad messed up. But I remember tons of trips, life lessons and stories. Our actions of the course of time speak volumes!

      1. Yes for sure. It’s also caused me to examine my personal relationships closely. How is there positivity or negativity contributing to how I love and feel about my own life. One of my favorite sayings is, please be responsible with the energy you bring to this space. It does make a difference and it’s important to be aware of just how much. Maybe I will write a post on that concept later today 😉

  1. I am ready to help anyone not financially if it is in my limit I help and respect each and every person whether he/she is my junior or Senior but I don’t get in reverse 🙂
    And nice thoughts, really gives me positivity and one question from you Sir me too likes to encourage others with positive thought but Do we our self follow all things? 🙂

      1. I mean to say that we our self don’t follow the rules I am talking about myself like we keep chanting Be positive Be positive but do we really behaves positively in every condition and behaves same with others And that is my question for you

        Do you behave positively in every condition and same with others?And sir you r doing a wonderful work and constantly helping others to acquire positive thoughts.
        Thank You sir for your response

        And sorry for my bad language (y)

      2. I will never fault you for your English as it is a second language. My wife is from Poland. Obviously we all have moments but for the most part I practice being positive as a lifestyle. It takes effort and discipline.

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