6 Questions to Help You Reconnect With Your True Self

8Rediscovering your true self and identifying with that person can be difficult.  You might even lose “friends.”  You might find yourself face-to-face with a past problem with which you must now recognize.  I do know this though…you will find more peace and joy by not hiding.



2 thoughts on “6 Questions to Help You Reconnect With Your True Self

  1. I reconnect to true self through walking, taking photos and later writing about my adventures. Many days work is very hectic and due to the nature of my job I work very long hours but on my days off I do my best to take off the mask and go back to the real me. There is always something quirky to photograph in the Big Apple. If there was such a job as a Wandering Photographer I’d be perfect for it. However in less than five years I retire and then I’ll have unlimited free time to pursue my passions. Here is a slice of the Big Apple. I Love New York!! Since I’m a Poet also I can relate to this Apple Slice: http://roamingurbangypsy.com/2015/09/05/free-poetry/

    1. This is fabulous! Not everyone can work in the area that the find passionate, but you must find your passion outside of work. We are creative creatures and using creativity opens our true spirit, as I believe photography does for you! Love NYC, will be there in 1 month visiting family!

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