The Dream Big Volunteer Project

I am working on a brand new addition to the Dream Big community called The Dream Big Volunteer Project. I am compiling an easy resource guide for people in all cities to get connected with lesser known charities.  My recent work with the Hoskins Park Ministry has opened my eyes to a need that is going unfilled: connecting volunteers with charities that don’t have million dollar budgets.

My goal is to have multiple charities listed for every major city in the U.S.  So, if you know of a small charity in your city please email me and give me their contact information.  I would like to develop a vast network of charities from city to city!

As we have progressed technologically I believe humanity has taken a giant leap backward as it relates to volunteering and being philanthropic.  My hopes are to help connect charities with people that want to help, but aren’t sure where to start.

It is time for all of us to jump in and help.  Stop waiting on someone else to do the work that you should be doing yourself.  We have an obligation as human beings to help others and god knows there are plenty of people in need.  It is time to get out of your world and stare people in the eyes and tell them through your actions that you care.

Do not delay any longer.


20 thoughts on “The Dream Big Volunteer Project

    1. That is a great point. The only reason I said U.S. is I don’t have easy access to information to confirm the validity of charities. For instance, if someone recommends a small mission in Uganda, I don’t have access unless that particular charity is on the web. And then not all web addresses are available across country boundaries.

      1. And if you have a charity that I can verify, I would love to add it to the list. I would love to have international listings for those readers in other countries! Danny

      1. Its a pleasure Danny, I am involved in a small charity here in the UK and due to struggling finding volunteers we are going to have to fold it, some many people want help but not a lot of people either want to or don’t know about the smaller charities

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