Why should I exercise?

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Why wouldn’t you exercise? Or more precisely, what is keeping from being more active?

Most of us have been young and lazy and taken physical fitness for granted. Unless we are relentlessly athletic, there comes a day when we can no longer depend on our bodies to behave like perfectly tuned machines.

zabowski on flickr zabowski on flickr

Maybe it’s because nature is through with us at that point. Muscles we never thought about hurt for no reason and other things start to get spooky. Nature is such a bitch.

So why aren’t you more active?

I’m so busy, there’s no time for exercise. Really? You can always find 15 minutes or even 30 to walk a dog. (That app you obsess over will be there when you get back). Take a break from homework and move around.

I don’t like to get sweaty. You don’t have to sweat to get some benefits from moving…

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