6 Ideas on How to Use Emotion to Help You Change Your World

I did not post my thoughts on Friday for the 9/11 memorial.  Every year I have paid my respects to the men and women that lost their lives that day by watching the replay of that morning in its entirety.  This past Friday was no exception.

It always brings back the emotion in its exactness and always puts life in perspective.  Life in the United States has changed dramatically since that day and I am sure will continue to change for quite sometime.  I hate seeing the people jumping from the Towers, I hate seeing the people running for their lives, I hate watching the buildings collapse.  It makes me sad, angry and motivated.

Featured Image -- 5816Many times in life it takes some type of ultra-emotional event to prompt us to take action.  Whether it is a heart attack that convinces us to finally shed a few pounds or someone we love breaking off a relationship which causes us to see we need to work on our interpersonal skills.  Emotion is a great starting point for achieving a goal or making changes in our lives.  It can prove to be an incredible force that can alter the course of life.

Here are a few things that came from my 9/11 remembrance this past Friday:

  1. Take advantage of each day and give life the best effort I can.
  2. Forgive more readily.
  3. Be more compassionate.  See the struggles of others and do something to help.
  4. Take time to participate in activities that bring me joy.
  5. Be sure to show my wife that I love her every day.
  6. Practice a life of consideration and kindness.

So many people died that day leaving kids, wives, brothers, sisters, moms and dads all alone.  I am certain they would trade anything to have a few moments with their loved one; to hear their voice or see them smile.

I encourage each of my readers to keep life simple and remember what is truly important.  Your bills will get paid at some point and I would hate for you to miss the last moments with a loved one because you were too busy fretting over trivial things.

Life will take care of itself; it is up to us to take care of each other.


14 thoughts on “6 Ideas on How to Use Emotion to Help You Change Your World

  1. Danny, Thank you. This thoughtful remembrance of 9/11 reminds all of us of the most important things. Loss and sorrow bring the great gift of being alive into sharp focus.

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