How Do You React in the Face of Tremendous Adversity?

3950078_1429260939_0243_updatesSeveral months ago I remember telling my wife I would give everything I owned to experience one day of relief from the MS symptoms.  Well, the last 2 weeks had been great.  The temperatures here in the greater Charlotte area have been very pleasant with lower humidity and the reduction in heat allowed my body to recover a bit.

It was incredible to experience as it has been so long since I was symptom-free that I can no longer recall what it is like to not hurt.  And as soon as relief came, it left.  So it is living the roller coaster ride called Multiple Sclerosis.

Since Sunday my symptoms have come back with a vengeance.  It is not often that I cry because of MS, but Sunday got to me and I shed a few tears on Evelina’s shoulder.

MS is a very emotional disease.  It causes so much stress in our lives, but we deal with it, move along, keep coping and this little rock keeps spinning.

My relapse got me to thinking: how do you react when adversity presents itself in your life?  Do you shrink in the face of a great and seemingly insurmountable challenge or do you pull yourself together and get to work?

enthusiasm-for-life-jimmy-vI know most will answer the latter, but the statistics show the opposite. This is one reason I would not exchange having MS for being “normal.” It has challenged me in ways unimaginable.  It has forced me to cope. It has forced me out of my comfort area.  My MS has become that little nagging fly that buzzes around and just when you think it’s gone…he lands on your food.

I spend time almost daily taking inventory of myself, my actions, my in-actions, my behavior, my attitude.  I desire to know why.  I must know that I am doing everything possible to give myself the best opportunities in life.  I am preparing for the success that will come in the future.  I am not deterred because success does not come instantly.  I have faith that somehow, some way my work will payoff.

When you face adversity I want you to stand bravely and proclaim to the world that you are not afraid any longer to succeed.  Prepare yourself.  Do not shrink. Be strong, have faith and plan your future.

Then with determination and perseverance move forward to take your destiny and reach your objective.

A simple thought for a Wednesday morn…

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10 thoughts on “How Do You React in the Face of Tremendous Adversity?

  1. My problems have always been the basic nuts and bolts of Existence so I don’t come close to the experiences you’ve had. However, when something unexpectedly negative came around, I used to go through what I called the Three Stages of Pissed:

    1) Fear
    2) Acceptance
    3) Grab it by the short hairs and fight for the outcome I want.

    These days, I skip #1 and go straight to #2 and #3. Best wishes. 🙂

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    “When you face adversity I want you to stand bravely and proclaim to the world that you are not afraid any longer to succeed. Prepare yourself. Do not shrink. Be strong, have faith and plan your future.”

    You should really read the whole post.

  3. I have suffered from health issues most of my life… not MS, but other chronic pain type illnesses. So I feel your pain. You are a strong person to keep forging ahead amidst the pain! And don’t feel bad for crying. In fact, I recently read about a study that determined that people who cry are able to move on more quickly and effectively than those who don’t! So don’t be afraid to shed a few tears =)

  4. I can only imagine what you go through. Just reminds me that the pains of life hit us all; be it emotionally, physically, mentally. This a great reminder that life really is what you make it. Prayers for you!

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