You Don’t Have to Believe You’re Not Good Enough

Channel_Art_Template_(Fireworks)[1]Starting today I will be uploading a video segment to my YouTube channel discussing my daily Dream Big Original post.  Each morning I post a thought of the day and then back that thought up with other blog posts and article shares.  In my video posts I will include an expanded view or discussion on the daily topic.

So, back to today’s topic and this article share…

The beginning of overcoming any obstacle is the belief that you are good enough or that you are capable.  Often times doubt creeps into our mind causing us to ponder whether or not we can overcome a particular obstacle or difficulty.  Believing in yourself is essential to climbing the mountain.  Click below for a great article on TinyBuddha:


7 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Believe You’re Not Good Enough

      1. I am slightly hesitant but the video seems to be the next small step for me. It is way outside of my comfort zone though. So just wanting to make sure I don’t make something that looks like crap. lol

  1. Cool, looking forward to it. I have a podcast I’ve started too. I was going to do videos and started to, but feel more at ease with podcasts. Will you share the links to your videos on here? Will you do them every day?

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