Why It Is Time to Stop Ignoring Your Problems Immediately

For years I did not identify with having MS.  I viewed myself as a man living on this rock, working a job, married to a girl and, by the way, I have MS.  I put the MS on the back burner and never truly identified with having the disease.  I didn’t acknowledge it, I rarely spoke about it, I didn’t want to give it power in my life.  And I was wrong!

ignoring-wisdomI am not sure why I did this.  Maybe I was hoping that it would magically disappear?  Maybe I was thinking it wasn’t as serious as I read about online?  Maybe I didn’t want to deal with it at the time?  Maybe all of the above.

Regardless of the reason, I did not acknowledge having MS for a very long time.  And it wasn’t until I acknowledged and identified as having Multiple Sclerosis that I began to take action to give my body the fighting chance it needed.

And so it is with many of the major problems we deal with in life.

Many of us have that elephant or gorilla in our lives.  It might be credit card debt, health issues, lack of goals, selfishness, lying, alcohol, narcotics, etc.  Whatever the problem, it is not going to magically disappear.

Eventually we come to a point of being tired and worn out, where we stop and acknowledge that there is an issue we need to address.  And it is at that point that true change can occur.  You must identify that you have a spending problem.  A drinking problem.  An eating problem.  A lazy problem.  A lying problem.  A selfishness problem.  Whatever the deficiency you must say to yourself: “I have a problem with x, y, and/or z.

When I finally realized that I had been ignoring my MS and that I had to take this disease seriously I set a course of action. I knew I had to lose some weight and stop eating so much crap food.  My body was fighting a championship level fight and I was doing everything in my power to sabotage its chances.

My body was screaming at me to give it quality foods rich in vitamins and minerals, plenty of vegetables and fruits and all I was giving it was meats, fast food, alcohol and T.V.  When I began to lose weight and eat better foods my body exhaled a sigh of relief.

I cannot make this happen for you.  I wish I could save you the pain and time and simply push a button and help you come to terms with the problems in your life, but I cannot.  You must come to this conclusion on your own, in your own timing. That is one of the painful truths in life.


My challenge for you is to take a deep look at what is holding you back from simply taking one action: acknowledge the problem.  Why are you so reluctant?  The problem is usually not as difficult to overcome as your fear makes it.  I am reminded of the cartoons where the character sees the shadow of the monster coming from around the corner.  The shadowy reflection is massive and has vicious claws and teeth.  It is approaching to devour and conquer!!  And then from around the corner comes a tiny little mouse and the character realizes it wasn’t so bad after all.

The fear is much greater in our minds than the problem is in actuality.

I have 5 simple steps to help:

  1. Acknowledge the problem
  2. Seek help
  3. Determine a course of action
  4. Take action
  5. Be persevering

In the end we realize we wasted a lot of time and energy ignoring a problem that we could have dealt with it and put behind us long before.

So do yourself a favor today and realize it is time to deal with that issue you have been ignoring for way too long. Acknowledging and identifying with your problems is a gigantic leap in the right direction.

Just a thought for a Thursday morning…


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