7 Reasons Why Having a Mentor is Absolutely Crucial

On this past Monday I met with an old friend of mine, Del, to seek out advice about the Dream Big brand.  I have a lot going on these days and am always looking for ways to improve and grow.  I worked for Del many years ago at the golf course I wrote about a few weeks ago. Although we don’t see each other much, I have always held on to the lessons I learned as a kid working for Del.

I learned to never assume, lead by example, be easy on those that work for you when they make mistakes, empower those that you hire, take time to have fun and laugh at work and show up early and leave late.  All of these lessons I learned from watching Del work.  He never had to say anything; he simply did and expected you to do also.

For these and other reasons I reach out to those that have more experience than I in life and business.  Having someone to bounce ideas off of and get a fresh perspective or opinion is invaluable.


You must understand that your knowledge is limited and your perspective is your perspective.  Having a mentor to ask questions or have questions asked of you is imperative.  Do you have someone in your life that you can shoot an email or make a phone call?

If you do not I highly recommend finding that someone that you trust; someone that will shoot you the truth.  If you recall the Habits of Successful People list you will remember that having a mentor is 10th on that list.

I believe having a mentor provides some essential life benefits:

  1. provides you with a different perspective
  2. provides invaluable opinions on life in general
  3. allows you to avoid pitfalls
  4. provides a source for networking
  5. provides an opportunity to vent when you’re frustrated
  6. helps to keep you focused on your life mission
  7. teaches you the value of mentor-ship and prepares you for being a mentor later in life

Take time today to make a list of people in your life that would make a suitable mentor and reach out to them about the opportunity.  Don’t rush the process, but take your time and find the right person.

The experience makes life and dealing with obstacles so much easier!

Just a thought for a Sunday morning…


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