Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Each day of our lives we are faced with decisions.  Some are simple like which way should one hang the toilet paper: sheets over or sheets under?  And others are so important that we can’t find it in ourselves to make a decision one way or the other.  So we float in the middle.  But what we don’t realize is that by putting off making a decision we have already in essence made a decision.

jumpstartWhat is keeping you from adopting Nike’s old slogan and “just do it?”  Is it fear?  Is it laziness?

What is it that you need to address in your life?  What have you been neglecting for years?  Is it your health?  Is it your credit?  Is it disorganization?  What is it?  I’m talking about that thing that creeps into your mind during your alone time. That thing that haunts you during the last moments before you drift off to sleep.  I’m referring to that thing that pops into your head during your morning shower.  I’m referring to that thing that you keep saying you’ll do tomorrow.

How many tomorrows have passed?

Yesterday you said tomorrow.  The day before that you said tomorrow.  I have a saying that I have said to Evelina so often that she now quotes it back to me: “Tomorrow never comes.”  It is a saying that I adopted as my mantra when I was overcoming procrastination.

“Tomorrow never comes.”

Such a simple, yet deep statement.  When tomorrow arrives it is actually today, which makes today yesterday’s tomorrow.  A vicious cycle.

Here is my simple advice: just do it.

Just thinking out loud on a Tuesday morning…


19 thoughts on “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

  1. It truly is never ‘tomorrow’ that we need to want and concentrate on, it is our wanted goal that we need to see clearly and truly want. Focus is important to make tomorrow into today. Thank you for this reminder =)

  2. My worries on housing are scaring me to death, but doing something about it is just as scary. I know if my father passes on tomorrow I am going to be hustling my butt to try and figure it out. Good old fear and procrastination.

      1. I stayed in jobs I detested messed my mental status up, but finding a new one was scarier. I can’t explain it to someone unless they have been in my situation. One reason I hate temping. Constant interviews and new jobs and new people. Now my son prefers temping because he can’t stand a job for long and would rather keep getting a new one. I can’t get too many people to understand my feelings and I stay in that creepy job til I am laid off or in this case went out on disability. I work better under stress anyhow.

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