6 Steps to Develop a Can Do Attitude

image credit: ocmboces.com
image credit: ocmboces.com

This is a great article.  I know most of you do not read these articles, but the first step here is very important.  When I competed in golf the most valuable tool was positive self-speak.  Talking to yourself in the same manner that you would coach your child; with patience and understanding.



6 thoughts on “6 Steps to Develop a Can Do Attitude

  1. I needed to read this article this morning. I’m still very new at my job and find myself easily getting caught up in negative thinking because I’m new, thinking I can’t do certain things or can’t voice my opinion. I’m definitely going to work on getting into a more positive mindset and developing that “can do” attitude. 🙂

      1. That’s an ad at the top of the actual article. It changes each time you open up the link. One of the ads is Steve Jobs. Thank you for clarifying, I thought I linked to the wrong article. lol

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