3 thoughts on “The Dream Big Channel: Why the “Can’t Do” Attitude is Killing Your Dreams

  1. Hi! Haven’t read the blog post yet, just stopped in here to watch your video after interacting with you on Twitter this morning. I’m so happy to find you on WordPress — I’m following you now. Anyway – re your video – yes! It’s very easy to make excuses. I think that a lot of the difficulty is that even when people do decide to make a change, to see their world as full of opportunities for achievement rather than failures, they quickly fall back into the habit of seeing only the negative and making excuses ahead of time. That old saying about how we can’t really break a habit, that all we can do is replace a bad one with a new, good one is true. It takes time and effort, though.
    LOL — I hope you don’t mind my leaving this lengthy comment. Your site is super! 🙂

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