Why The “I Can’t” Attitude is Killing Your Dream


I have been booked to speak to a group in November and I am very excited about the opportunity.  I worked on my outline today although the engagement is in mid November.  I do not tend to put things off any more and getting a head start feels good, but also assures me that I will be prepared to speak for an hour.

The outline process inspired a thought that I want to expound upon today.

My MS presents some serious challenges every day of my life.  It can be tough to walk on certain days. Stairs are nearly impossible sometimes.  My hands and feet hurt from nerve burning nearly every second of every day.  I have developed some cognitive issues.  I have battled depression.  And on top of all the symptoms I have to deal with the side effects from medications.

All of these things create the perfect opportunity to use excuses.  I mean if anyone has a built-in excuse it is someone battling a disease, right?!  Wrong!

If I wanted to I could lie around all day and do nothing.  Very few people would even question me.  After all I have MS.  Who (other than my wife) would have the nerve to squeak a peep?  No one that’s who!

But I absolutely refuse to sit around and waste away.  I make myself get out and do what I can.  Am I limited sometimes?  Yes, but even if I can only walk the dog 50 feet I do it.  I feel that I have a responsibility to myself to do anything and everything that I am capable of doing.  No excuses.

Life is tough.  Life can be unfair.

Do not spend your life focusing on the things you can’t do, but focus all of your energies on what you can do!

Instead of saying it hurts to walk today, I tell myself that I must get outside today and walk the dog for 10 minutes.  I cannot allow my situation to rule my world.  If someone is in a wheel chair and has problem walking I say do all the leg lifts you can. If you have gained too much weight and are not able to run, I say take a 5 minute walk.  If you are bed ridden then I say exercise your mind by reading or doing mental puzzles.

Do something anything.  But whatever you do, do not use excuses and do not ever give up!

Anyone can focus on what they cannot do in life, but a select few will reach the pinnacle by focusing on the things they can do.

Just a thought for a Wednesday morning…


15 thoughts on “Why The “I Can’t” Attitude is Killing Your Dream

  1. What an amazing post and lesson. I could not agree with your advice. In fact, years ago I “banned” the phase ” I can’t ” in my classroom. Trying to help inspire our youth to train their thinking young! Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you so much for reading. People in general do not realize that the mind can be trained to do amazing things. Instead, we train our minds to build walls and limits.

    1. The first time I wrote this I went straight free association. When I reread the original it was very harsh. lol I had to scrap the whole thing and start over with one that was a lot less condemning! lol

  2. Great truth here. Though I do think there may be one other group who might dare to “squeak a peep” if you were to do nothing; and that’s those who share the disease or battle their own demons. My diabetes destroys my feet; at times the pain is like walking on nails. And I can appreciate the war against the medications that are supposed to “make things better”. So I might squeak just a little… depending on how well we are acquainted 🙂

    It is easy to sit back and moan and complain that life gets to hard some days. And there have been days that I haven’t gotten out of bed due to the depth of the depression, but they don’t last. I refuse to wallow. I deserve better from myself.

    Thank you for giving me a little shake and wake up call, just to check on myself and make sure I’m not slipping into old habits.

    1. It is good to read that you have the right attitude. Yesterday for me was not a good day. I did spend several hours lying on the bed and resting. However, I made myself get up a couple of times and grind through a 10 minute walk with the dog. It hurt, but it would hurt my pride more if I didn’t.

  3. Love this. I told my son that yesterday when I said that life is not fair, stop complaining and keep trying. The race is won through perseverance and determination. Great post!

    1. Thank you for reading! And good for you for instilling such an important lesson in your son. Too many kids these days are coddled. Life is not easy sometimes and requires a tough mind.

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