How to Gain Free Publicity for Your Page: Reblogging

2Today as is my usual routine on Meet and Greet weekends, I will be reblogging posts.  Please leave the link to your post in the comments and I will review for family-friendly content and then reblog.

If you leave a link please reblog this post as a “thank you” to Dream Big.  It is appreciated!

Hope everyone has a great Friday.


124 thoughts on “How to Gain Free Publicity for Your Page: Reblogging

  1. Hi Danny,
    I brought you a link for reblogging purposes. I know you can’t reblog my link, but if you can promote it, that would be great. It did very well last weekend, so I thought your readers might be interested. How to Engage Readers in a Rush
    I know you wanted me to reblog in exchange for the promotion. As you know, I can’t reblog, but I will promote your link at my Weekly RoundUp this Thursday.
    Thank you for the exposure!

  2. Danny, I am going to be referring my friend to you (Dr. Danny). She has links she can give for reblogging and needs the exposure. Is it a problem if she submits after today?

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