In the Blink of An Eye the Life You Know Can Change Forever

In the blink of an eye the life you know can change forever.

I read a post last night on Alicia Keller Coaching that inspired this post.  Her challenge was to take inventory of how we spend our lives and how the trivial matters we waste energy on become insignificant if today were our last day alive.

It is human nature to take life for granted.  We live under the guise that everything is always going to be okay.  If not, we would be in a constant state of paranoia and fear.  That would not be healthy.  So our mind protects us as it always does.

The sad part of life is that someone, somewhere is getting a phone call right now that will change their life forever; not in a good way.  A husband is dying in a car accident as I type this.  Someone just took their last breath.  In the time it takes me In-the-blink-of-an-eye-everything-can-changeto type this post 10 women will have died from heart disease related problems.  Someone is leaving their home and will never return.  Somewhere in this world someone is hearing their name for the last time.

I understand we cannot live every moment in complete appreciation.  Some amount of time will slip past us without us being able to recall what we actually spent it doing.  But there are those moments.  The touch of a gentle fall breeze.  A certain smell from our past.  The sound of children playing.  The beauty of the mountainside.

Take those moments and guard them.  Cherish and protect them.  Appreciate and love them.

Love your family and live to show them how much they mean to you.  Don’t assume they know, tell them every day.  Be present in their company.  Pay attention to the details.  The way their brow crinkles when they’re mad.  The wrinkles from life’s experiences.  The way their eyes seem to change color for that split second the light changes.  The annoying laugh. Stare into someone’s eyes until they become invisible leaving only their soul to be seen.

In the blink of an eye the life you know can change forever.

Just a thought for a Monday morning…


23 thoughts on “In the Blink of An Eye the Life You Know Can Change Forever

  1. Very true, we do take life for granted by moments of pushing ourselves to succeed while forgetting about little Johnny’s game, getting caught up with the regular daily routines, stressing over small stuff that is out of ones control to financial worries and those who are in a rush to get to their destination, like the cliche, we need to stop and smell the roses/coffee and appreciate nature’s glory and those that are around us. Very good post and reminder for all.

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