How to Develop a Positive Mindset and Change Your Life Forever

About 2 years ago I realized the toll that working retail was taking on my attitude.  Without noticing I had become much more bitter, suspicious, negative, negative and negative.  Oh, did I mention negative? I didn’t like going anywhere except home after work and made it my mission to avoid other retail stores at all costs.  If you have worked retail you understand me, if not, go to Amazon and buy “Retail Hell” by Freeman Hall and it will provide perspective.

Working retail can be a challenging situation especially if you work in a store that is located in a more affluent area.  My experience was that customers treated you like a second class citizen, that is if they noticed you at all.  The grind of being on my feet for 40 hours per week was brutal and when combined with corporate performance pressure and demanding customers…well, you get the picture.  Then under girding all of those issues were the difficulties of living with MS.

Negative self-talk and negative talk in general will simply perpetuate a negative attitude and I had one sour view of life.  I knew I had to change.

Do you have a negative attitude or tendencies?  Here are a few characteristics I noticed in myself:

-often complaining
-tendency to see the downside in things
-have a negative effect on others/you’re a drag
-tendency to belittle others
-speak negative
-negative internal self-talk
-frequent use of sarcasm
-rude to others

I am sure there are others, but these are a few that I recognized in myself after I started making an attitude change.  Looking at the list still makes me a little embarrassed, but I own the way I acted then and thank my past self now for making changes!

Needless to say my attitude was poor and I had to change.  I did not like the person that I had become and the thought crossed my mind that if I realized my attitude was bad, then how bad was it in actuality?  Similar to when the drunk realizes he’s drunk, that means he’s super drunk!!  The question was how to change?  How would I change my mindset to be more positive?

In order to change any habit you must change either the motivation behind the habit or the routine that supports it. Insert definition of insanity here!  If you continue the same action expecting a different result…

You must change your actions in order to get different results!

First, I left my job in retail!  Then, over time I implemented brand new actions and thoughts in my life.  Second, I had to start thinking before I opened my mouth, then fill my mouth with more positive speech.  Third, I began exercising and eating healthier and lost some weight.  Lastly, I got back to playing a little golf to relieve stress and increase the joy in my life.

I will say the thing I enjoy the most about working to be a more positive person is noticing the good in the world  I know it is not realistic to think life is always going to be rainbows, chocolate chip cookies and puppy kisses.  But it is also not realistic to think it’s always going to be cloudy with a good chance of rain and a high probability of ultimate devastation!!

Always know this: you control and create every aspect of your life. The more positive your attitude the more opportunities you will see in life.  My new attitude has allowed me to begin things I never thought were possible; like the Dream Big community!

When you see the positive, you see the opportunities.  When you are negative, you see the difficulties.  Which do you want for yourself?


17 thoughts on “How to Develop a Positive Mindset and Change Your Life Forever

  1. I have been in retail a few times. I hated that smile pasted on my face and the perky attitude since the customer is always right. I had mystery shoppers and always won them no matter what they threw at me.

    Right now I am on cloud nine and have over 2000 emails to go through and my first professional blog post is out. Yippee, like I said cloud nine. Talk about positive.

  2. Our stories are similar, except that mine took place in an office environment rather than in retail. My first ever blog post addressed why I took matters into my own hands, left the toxic work environment I was in, and decided to take control of making myself a better, more positive person. I have been on a journey ever since (5 years and counting) to continue keeping a positive outlook. There are steps back and steps forward, and all of those steps matter. I am happy to hear you are implementing your own changes!

  3. Absolutely true! This is something I struggle with and am working on changing. I worked retail for a short time and I agree that the people who do it long-term really must suffer from that environment. It definitely takes it’s toll, and it doesn’t take long!

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