Life lessons in tea

This is a great reminder to be grateful and gratitude goes a long way to developing a positive attitude!

PDA: The Positive Disabled Adult

“An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities”

With cooler weather approaching, there is something so comforting about a nice cup of tea to unwind from the day.  Maybe it’s just my opinion, but a cup of tea warms the heart and soul. Lately though, I’ve been drinking this brand that my sister-in-law introduced to me with cute, inspirational quotes on the bag. So not only is it a pick-me-up after a long day but the tea inspires positive thoughts and challenges your thinking.

Last week, as I saw this quote, it seemed like a great blog idea but I couldn’t put the right words together in my mind. As I wrote in my earlier post, someone very important to me passed away after battling cancer for years and as you can imagine, I’m struggling to move forward. Last week, I was so awful to be around. I was depressed and incredibly negative towards myself and to…

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