Why Hiding in Your Corner Isn’t Going to Bring Readers

IMG_7129Growing your readership is simple: connect with others.  There is no miracle grow for blogs, you must get out of your little corner of the world and connect with people.  I am not sure why this escapes you guys.  I got another email this morning asking me how I have added nearly 6,000 readers in 10 months and my answer has not changed.

Ask anyone that follows me and they will tell you that I visit, read and comment to everyone.  I have a schedule that allows me to read each of my followers at least once per month.  It is difficult to do so, but I make an effort.

Bloggers are unique creatures.  We desire to be heard, read, appreciated, yet most of us don’t want to reciprocate.  We want to be the Twitter account that has 150,000 followers while only following 150 people.  That is not reality!


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