Fall is Upon Us – My Favorite Time of Year!

As some of you may know, I was born in western Massachusetts and have had the opportunity to spend time in New England in the fall. There may not be a more beautiful part of the U.S. than New England in the Autumn! Enjoy…



Forest Hills Golf Course

Driving down to Massachusetts today to babysit my youngest grandson I noticed the trees were suddenly bursting with color. They were no longer just green but were now mixed with red, yellow, and orange in a kaleidoscope of beautiful shades. The beauty was so distracting I had to grip the wheel or I found myself daydreaming and wanting to write something. I had to wait until I arrived at my daughter’s house. Luckily my grandson was still sleeping which gave me some moments to start this post.


I love everything about the fall, the changing of the seasons, the incredible beauty as the trees lose their green (chlorophyll), the cool, crispness in the air and the change from barbecuing to oven-prepared foods that are comforting.

Of course I do love the summer but once it is over I welcome the change. The same thing goes for…

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