My Top 10 Fall Favorites

My favorite season is autumn.  I remember when I was in college wearing sweatshirts and shorts with flops.  Walking across campus to class and feeling the crispness of the air…ahhh, great memories.  Here are my top 10 faves of autumn.

  1. Fall festivals
  2. The sense of closure
  3. The crispness of the air
  4. The changing colors of the leaves
  5. Visiting Asheville, NC (mountains of NC for those unfamiliar)
  6. Walking on the beach in a sweatshirt
  7. Pumpkin pie
  8. Walks at the park
  9. Cool mornings and evenings
  10. Carving pumpkins for Halloween

These are a few of the things I love about the fall.  What is your favorite season and why?


25 thoughts on “My Top 10 Fall Favorites

    1. The nice thing about Charlotte is we are located 3.5 hours from the beach and 2 hours from the mountains. This time of year Asheville, NC is beautiful with the mountains and fall colors.

  1. Fall is so beautiful, but we do not technically have autumn here in Miami, Florida. We have summer all year round and I think that might be why it is my fave season still.

  2. Hi,

    Fall is definitely my favorite season too. Here in New England, the leaves are quite
    beautiful. I also love the crisp, clear sunny days.

    I try not to think about what follows fall, the winter. 🙂


  3. My favorite time of year for sure! The temperature is perfect…and I get to wear sweaters and BOOOOOTSss 😀 Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but I love when I manage to catch the smell of a wood stove burning somewhere …not so much in the city but when I lived back home…small town…you would smell wood stoves while out for a walk and that’s how I knew fall was offical 🙂

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