4 Topics That I Am Reconsidering My Opinion

Having self-awareness and keeping an open-mind is so important.  A couple of times each year I find my beliefs challenged and I practice taking the counter-argument to help me gain perspective.  I learned this approach in college to help me understand other religions.  It forces me to investigate the argument that is opposed to my own opinion.


Here are a few topics that I am rethinking:

  1. Gun control.  I have always been in favor of American citizens right to bear arms.  Our constitution has an amendment specifically dedicated to the topic.  But I wonder how the constitution would have differed if the founding fathers knew about assault rifles.
  2. Small federal government.  I have always thought the true Republic was meant to be small and the power of the states to be strong.  Now that we can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, I am wondering if it is time to accept the fact that the federal government is only going to grow.  Maybe it is time to try to make it more effective?
  3. Being fiscally conservative.  I have always said I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal.  But that presents a conflict that I cannot avoid.  I cannot be in favor of social programs, but not want to pay for it.  But the idea of higher taxes just sickens me.  I gotta work this out inside my soul.
  4. Why some struggle finding success.  I will be honest in my opinion on success.  Prior to my blog, I thought those that were not successful were either lazy, complacent, unambitious, etc.  Now I see that there are so many factors that go into creating a human person.  90% of our personality is formed by age 5-7, depending on which studies you follow.  I have never bought into this, but now I am seeing that some people do not have the education, internal drive, fatherly/motherly example, emotional support, etc. to succeed.

It is important to reassess your opinions.  It is more healthy to doubt and question your positions than to continue having an uninformed, outdated opinion.  As time and society progresses so should some of our worldviews.

I have talked in the past about being open-minded and I wanted to give you a glimpse into my mind about how I work to ensure my mind is evaluating and re-evaluating my opinions.


7 thoughts on “4 Topics That I Am Reconsidering My Opinion

  1. Thanks for sharing. I too question and alter my beliefs. It’s important to be open to anything because as we continue to change, the world around us changes too. Revisiting core beliefs and reevaluating important issues like these leads to personal growth. I love #4. Compassion is so important. Sometimes, people are dealt a bad hand and no matter what they seem to do, they cannot crawl out from underneath. Hope you are feeling a little better today.

  2. I think its important that people are open to change, In four years I have gone from very right wing, to right winged with a load of socialism in. And I find that is with most of my views and opinions.

    With any of the points of views I have I also can argue the opposite point of view fairly effectivly

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