5 thoughts on “Are All Opinions Equally Valid?

  1. I would answer the subject title with “Yes”. Could be from the term “valid”, which – to me – basically means “worthy to be heard”. Could be just me too…

      1. ok – my opinion still hasn’t changed 😉
        I read “I have come to a decision that it is okay to push back just a little when people start ignorant quarrels on Facebook, or even in person.” and started having issues.
        1) who determines what is “ignorant”
        2) what if they’re not ignorant but you don’t agree – should be ok to push back then too
        if “valid” means I don’t push back – then no opinions are “valid” cuz I tend to push back at a lot. I think it stems from some people can sometimes be very generic in their statements. Judging the whole barrel by one apple, as it were. Anyhoo, I’m going off topic – sorry. I still think “no”. Again – just my opinion…….

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