14 of My Random Opinions


My opinions:

  1. It is my opinion that 99% of Americans are not educated enough to ever make a comment on what they think needs to happen to fix the U.S. economy, healthcare and most other complex national problems.  (side note: I actually had a “friend” once tell me they had read the Affordable Healthcare Act.  I was amazed because the damn thing is 27,000 pages.  They were obviously lying.)
  2. It is my opinion that people who talk the most usually have the least to say.
  3. On the other hand, it is my opinion that those that are quiet usually give solid advice.
  4. It is my opinion that fear and manipulation by early leaders created a Christianity that was never intended to exist.
  5. It is also my opinion that more religious people need to live a life of action and example instead of a life of words.
  6. It is my opinion that everyone should be required to work in the service industry for a period of 1 year before the age of 22.
  7. It is my opinion that the vast majority of people don’t care about anyone but themselves and their immediate families.
  8. It is my opinion that the large middle-class in America doesn’t care one-way-or-the-other what happens in Washington, D.C.  Or, better, they don’t care enough to get involved.  If they did, the very, very small liberal and conservative groups wouldn’t be so influential.
  9. It is my opinion that politically correct labels are annoying.  I am not follicly challenged, I am bald.  I had a friend of mine ask me why I call him African-American because he’s never been to Africa; and doesn’t want to go.
  10. It is my opinion that humans are the answer to their own problems.
  11. It is my opinion that we have nurtured and coddled American society so much that everyone has an excuse.
  12. It is my opinion that Star Wars kicks Star Trek’s ass.
  13. It is my opinion that the game of golf is the best sport for kids to participate due to the self-enforcement of the rules.
  14. It is my opinion that stereotypes are funny sometimes.  My friend Dre makes fun of me for eating mayonnaise, my 6″ vertical leap, participating in extreme sports and living where it is really cold.  All of which he considers stereotypes of white people and only one of which applies to me (which is part of the humor).  Nonetheless, he laughs so hard and I laugh and I like that.  He is my friend.

20 thoughts on “14 of My Random Opinions

      1. Whatever you do, never get in the middle of a Star Trek/Star Wars nerd battle. It gets ugly quick with lots of biting and hair pulling. lol

      2. been there, watched that. got no t-shirt though.
        I enjoyed Star Wars – the original movie. Never have cared for sequels. Except perhaps Star Trek III…. Wait … biting & hair pulling? Is this the true secret of how you became … follicly challenged?

  1. How wonderful it would be if schools (and families) taught children how to think. Most of the problems you mention might ten be solved… Not Star Wars vs. Star Trek, however.

  2. i love that you bring comedic relief to stereotypes. people tend to be bent all out shape when someone makes a generalized (but hysterical) comment! haha

    …it’s a part of being comfortable with who you are.


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