Admitting You Don’t Know Is Okay: Don’t Be Pretentious

As I am getting older and realizing that I don’t know everything, I am learning a new trick.  When I find myself in a conversation and a topic comes up that I am not educated, I say the following statement, “Honestly, I’m not educated enough unnamedon politics to talk about it.”  “Honestly, I really don’t know enough about the inner workings of the government to know how to fix healthcare.”


So don’t act like it.  It is okay to admit you don’t know.  Trust me you come away looking a lot less foolish than pretending to know when in fact you don’t.

I hope everyone has a great evening!  I will leave you with this cute kitten picture…lol


26 thoughts on “Admitting You Don’t Know Is Okay: Don’t Be Pretentious

      1. I have also learned a new conversation trick when I recognize someone is talking out of their ass. I do not argue or return comments. I start asking them to cite their sources. It is interesting to watch people squirm and then shut their mouth.

  1. Every once in a while, you meet someone who knows EVERYTHING! And then talk their way through and somehow manage to make other people look stupid. That’s a skill in itself!😉 But then again, I don’t know enough…😊

  2. As far as politics go, then we shouldn’t even allow 18 year olds to vote,. At that age, I presume they don’t know anything, and one’s vote is some kind of an opinion, and statement. Sometimes, one’s opinion is based on instinct and gut feeling . We will be eliminating 90% of the population the right to voice out their opinion. ” I don’t have an opinion on climate change , whether it’s true or not, because I’m not a scientist. ” What is more important is exchange of ideas and opinions,. Just my opinion.

    1. A wise man once said “the problem with democracy is the public gets to vote.” and 99% of the public don’t even know who our surgeon general is. Can’t name the person in line for the Presidency if both the Pres and Vice are killled. They no nothing about the politicians they vote for. Facts are facts. The general public are fools. myself included

    2. And don’t forget, in the U.S. anyway, the voters are not expressing an opinion. They are casting a vote. In a Republic the electing official then expresses his opinion for the people.

    1. And in mine as well. The look on people’s faces is priceless. It’s like they are so use to people making sh_t up that they cannot fathom someone doesn’t know. To me I laugh that they sit in front of me being pretentious.

  3. I have to admit that I need to put this into practice. I can’t wait to see people’s faces when I look them in the eye and just say I don’t know.
    I think that for me it is a problem with agreeing with people just to get passed whatever they fussing about (at work). I have often wanted to find a way to shut down their fussing and I try to offer a positive perspective on the matter in question but they never want to accept that because they really just want to fuss. So saying I just don’t know and then just standing there looking at them will do the trick I think.
    Thanks for the idea.
    Tony R

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