Tired of Ole Danny Boy Yet? Well, Here’s More…

558Evelina told me this post makes me sound crazy, which made both of us laugh!  I hope you guys don’t come away from this thinking I am a nut job; maybe eccentric.  More useless Danny tidbits:

  1. I wet my toothbrush before applying the toothpaste
  2. All of my shirts hang facing the same direction, buttoned to the top with collars pressed flat.
  3. I butt-tuck all of my shorts and hang in the closet.  (retail habit)
  4. I only hang my clothes on thick plastic hangers. No velvet, no metal, never, ever.  Don’t like the way they feel.
  5. I will not wear a Nike hat if I am wearing Adidas shorts or flip flops or socks. Or vice versa.
  6. If I cook, I follow the recipe to the exactness.
  7. I always, always come to a complete stop at stop signs.
  8. I eat a triple decker peanut butter sandwich with sour cream and onion potato chips with a glass of milk before every game when the Sox are in the playoffs.  Truth be known, this ritual is what broke the Curse of the Bambino.
  9. Every football season I eat my special Mexican style dip on opening day.
  10. When showering I always wash my armpits first.  Not sure why but I do.
  11. I am rigid when it comes to rules.
  12. I get very agitated when plans change.  Even if it only changes a few minutes.  If someone says we’re leaving at 4:00, that means 4:00.  Not 4:01.  And I take this very serious.
  13. All of my clothes are folded the exact way I want them folded and in their exact place in the correct drawer.
  14. I drink from the same 4 coffee mugs and use them in a particular, unvarying schedule: New York mug, Mickey Mouse mug, my Truman mug then my Davis mug (Truman and Davis are my nephews and the mugs have their picture)
  15. I may be a bit neurotic. lol
  16. This type of list is why my sister thinks I am undiagnosed Obsessive Personality Disorder
  17. Here’s a good one (my sis still laughs about this)  When I was a kid I would open all my Christmas gifts and then take them immediately to my room and start finding their place.  This was not an activity of simply putting my toys away.  This was an event of finding the exact perfect home for each to live.  I may have issues. lol

15 thoughts on “Tired of Ole Danny Boy Yet? Well, Here’s More…

  1. Of your 17 items, looking at myself was an interesting exercise:
    1 yes
    2 yes
    4 yes
    5 yes
    10 yes
    12 yes
    13 yes
    15 yes
    8 out of 17… does that make us half-kindred spirits?

  2. I can relate to 2, 4 and 10! Oh my gosh, metal/wire hangers drive me nuts. Glad to see it isn’t just me. I was starting to think I was crazy like the main character in “Mommie Dearest”! Phew!

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