To Be Read By Those That Don’t Believe in Santa and/or Peter Pan

I had a discussion with a friend on Thursday about life and eventually our talk came around to finding passion. Many talk about finding passion and even I have suggested that in order to find passion in your life you need to try new experiences. But when we talk about someone’s true life passion we are referring to something completely different.

I can be passionate about Red Sox baseball.  I can discover some hobby that will awaken passion in me.  But when I talk about finding your true life’s passion you need to look no further than you.

Deep down inside of you is your passion.  You identified with it at some point in your life.  Maybe when you were a child you liked to draw stick pictures, which turned into drawing comic book heroes.  Maybe your passion was playing the violin or piano. Your passion could have been singing.  Painting.  Biking.  Swimming.

It’s inside of you right now lying dormant.

from the movie Hook.

from the movie Hook.

Life was simple when we were children.  We were told there was a tooth fairy and we believed because a quarter appeared under our pillow after losing a tooth.  We made a friend because we asked a simple question: “would you like to be my friend?”  We loved because that’s what came natural.  And we forgave instantly because there was more important things to do in life, like play and laugh.

You see what we forget is why we wanted to be what we wanted to be when we were children.  Doctors, astronauts, police officers, fireman, nurses,etc.  Kids want to do things when they grow up that will make a difference in this world.  Number one answer from a kid about why they want to be a fireman?  Because fireman help people. Because doctors and nurses help save lives.  And astronauts, well astronauts are just super cool.

Somewhere between being a kid and dealing with being too cool as a teenager, life changed a little.  It then changed a little more when we went to college.  And eventually we find ourselves as an individual trying to making a living in this world, instead of trying to make a difference in this world.  And that’s the point when most people forgot/forget their passion.

The good news is it is not too late.  Your true life’s passion is still inside you, waiting.  Waiting patiently like Buzz, Woody and Slinky Dog waited for Andy to play with them again.  All that is required of you is to remember.  Think back to those days when you believed as a little girl or boy.  Believed in the magic of life.

Your true life’s passion is there deep inside you.  Don’t worry even Peter Pan had to remember how to fly again.

14 thoughts on “To Be Read By Those That Don’t Believe in Santa and/or Peter Pan

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  3. I came across your post today and thought how perfect the timing was. This past weekend I watched a great movie I love to watch during the holidays on the Hallmark channel called Northpole. At the same time I have been searching and searching for my passion and figuring out what to do with it. To dream. To take a step without thinking. To remember the magic. Thanks for your post.

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