3 thoughts on “Ten Requirements

  1. Back when I was dating, I had a list of not-acceptable and must-have. When I met the woman whom I was eventually going to marry, she had to match these lists. Fortunately for me, I never met anyone who did match that list and, if I had, I probably would not have matched hers. Instead, I met someone who “got me” in ways that no one else did, someone who pushed me to be a better person, someone who works with me in many ways (even though we don’t have the same job or even the same kind of work). We have been married for over 22 years now. You can read about our relationship on my blog (http://timgatewood.wordpress.com) and my Facebook page (where I am Notary Tim Gatewood). Having a list is helpful, but my advice is don’t make it a reason to reject good people. Most of us are unrealistic about what we expect from other people and far too many of us have bought into the American belief that we should not “settle” for less than what we “deserve.” It has been my experience that the universe does not give a fig for what people deserve; it only matters what you can find and what you can do about what you find. Good luck with your quest for a good companion.

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