6 Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

If you do not eat healthy and have children, please do them the favor you do not do for yourself: teach them to make better food choices. Don’t be oblivious or obtuse. Do it for your kids if for no other reason.
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7 thoughts on “6 Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

  1. =) all of those things were just what we did without even thinking about it, really. i think the best advice i got from a Child Nutritionist was, when they are small to elementary, teach them you eat the food i prepare, provide, etc. even if they do not eat every meal, let them know what is available for them to base their nutritional decisions on in Your House. that becoming a parent through me for so many trips i wasn’t ready for, yet now that she’s in high school, i was glad i listened to this advice when watching my daughter’s decision-making process for foods she chooses to eat today.

    1. Exactly. I have also learned to give the child the ability to choose. Would you like this healthy option or that healthy option. Not “what do you want to eat.” But, “would you like to choose carrots or would you like to choose corn?” But french fries is not the option every time.

  2. At the moment, I am introducing new foods to my two year old. I take him food shopping with me, and as him to pick out something in the fresh produce isle he’d like to try. He gets so excited being able to pick out fruit (in particular) for himself. I think this is very important.
    He tried “oochnut” (aka coconut) and isn’t a fan of it, but does like “papple” (aka pineapple).
    Next on the agenda are vegetables, which he is not a fan of.

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