Would You Like to Improve Your Mind, Body and Spirit?

Ditch the Gym and Exercise OutsideEating better foods in the right portion will result in you losing weight.  But more importantly, it will result in you feeling better about life in general.  I know because since I have started this blog I have received 289 emails about weight loss.  Today I opened that folder and read some of them to refresh my memory.

Interested to know the most common theme?

99% of them stated that since losing weight, life appears differently to them.  They see the world around them differently: more positively.  Living a healthy lifestyle will change your mind.  It will change your spirit.  It will change your body.

My advice: start buying more veggies and fruits.  Buy a slow cooker if you don’t know how to cook healthy.  Walk 5 minutes every day.  And stop drinking sugar drinks, but drink lots of water.  You will be amazed at the difference.


12 thoughts on “Would You Like to Improve Your Mind, Body and Spirit?

  1. Yes Iit is totally true, changing your eating habits will make a huge difference overall in your body and mind clarity. This year I wanted to try to reset my body and start a new stage of my life. I wanted to set a new lifestyle embracing a new year coming. I have been always in my life a healthy eater and sport oriented. But with the age methabolism slow down and sometime gaining some unwanted weight happen to everyone. I always had an athletic body. So this year I went more extreme starting eating Raw – Vegan and I truly love it, eathing this clean totally resetted my methabolism, and I lost the unwanted weight feeling amazing and full of energy, of course I workout and go hiking I also added some yoga and meditation into my day, several time a week. Eating raw and eliminating pasta, bread, diary products and meets it is not an easy choice and not for everyone, this is a lifestyle to embrace not a diet but it does wonder for me at this moment of my life! <3

    1. Lifestyle change defeats short-term quick fix in every aspect of life every single time!! Good for you and keep it up!! Do you have a good healthy eating post I could reblog today?? Add it here and I will do so!

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