What in the World is Unschooling?

Introducing Single Mom Unschooling!

Single Mom Unschooling

If you’re not an unschooler or even a homeschooler in the know, you may be wondering what exactly is “unschooling?” I can only explain what it is for us, since unschooling varies as much by family as any other method of homeschooling. We certainly can’t be lumped in with the image most people have of homeschoolers sitting and doing school at home. So, what do we do?

We live our lives as if school doesn’t exist and B learns naturally as the day unfolds. There are no workbooks, required reading, math timed tests, handwriting lessons or pre-packaged curriculum. Some of you may be cringing and picturing my child running feral at this point. (For those that have met him, he has his moments. hehe) Learning can and has taken place without all of these things for most of human history and for the seven years of B’s life.

If B…

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