Is It Possible to Have Complete Trust in Something For Which There is No Proof?

I do not blog just to blog.  I operate my blog to help change people’s lives.  My hope is that sharing my views on success, life, goal achievement, self-improvement, my own experiences, etc. someone in some corner of this world will read something I write and make a better decision.

It might relate to their health and they may begin to eat better and live longer.  It might relate to their debt and they might teach their kids a better way of managing money, thus avoiding the stressful pitfalls of being broke. Or it might relate to helping others and they might begin volunteering and help change the path of one lost and desperate individual.

I have a huge vision as a foundation on which I am building this blog, my book and public speaking as a way to help all people, not just those living and suffering with MS.

They say if your dreams don’t scare you that you aren’t dreaming big enough.  And that having doubts or stressing over the uncertainty of the future is normal.

This morning when my mind started in with the doubt, I was reassured by something I have talked about in the past: faith. My mind was running rampant with questions and doubts and then as peaceful as could be I had one thought clear my mind and the doubts: “you will meet the right people, you will know what to do, everything will work out the way it is supposed to work out.  Just keep doing what you are doing, get out and help people.  Everything else will be just fine.  Just stay committed to the task at hand.”

My thought was a clear as a bell and I believe this internal thought.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know how.  I just believe.  I have faith.

Faith can be defined as having complete trust in something for which there is no proof.  This is what I feel inside my body. This is what the Wright Brothers felt inside their body.  This is what every human has felt when pushing past the doubts, the fear, the naysayers.  It is their belief that somehow, some way what they envision will come to fruition.  They have faith.

There is no guarantee.  There many not even be another human being that shares your vision.  But their is faith.

It is easier to have faith when you know your purpose.  I know I am meant to help.

Having MS does not define me.  Having MS has provided me with a platform; a platform from which I can help all people realize a more meaningful, productive and effective life.


31 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Have Complete Trust in Something For Which There is No Proof?

  1. Yes it is possible to have such belief. Sometime ago, someone asked me how I can believe in God, when there are no hard fact evidence of God’s existence? I laughed rather nicely and my response was, “that’s your opinion not mine, I need no other reason to believe, I am enough evidence to myself.”

    1. The Native Americans believed that the spirit of life (God) is seen everyday in life around us. The beauty of the mountains, the coolness of a stream, warm summer breezes and the creatures of the world.

  2. the post is really good..but truly speaking , sometimes i confuse myself in the terms faith and trusting means having faith or having faith means trust..

    1. i can see your point; kind of a chicken or the egg type situation. I defined faith as having complete trust in something that cannot be proven. So I would feel comfortable using them interchangeably.

  3. Thanks dray0308 …it means having complete faith in something is having complete trust in it and complete trust in something is nothing but total faith in it..

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