Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Michael’s Origins and Mostly Blogging are teaming up to help you gain more exposure for your blog. I talked to Michael earlier today and I told him I think this is a great idea. If you want more views and followers then read this post and respond to them via the information provided! It is an easy and effective way to grow!

Michael Rios

Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Yesterday I announced that Janice and I have formed an alliance in efforts to help promote your Blogs! You can  read more about that here with the following links: Note: Last night and this morning I did add more links in the Follow to Follow Directory!

Announcing Mostly Blogging & Michael’s Origins Unite!

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #56

I was recently left with a comment by The.Richard.Braxton, the comment is as follows, “Have you tried this yet? Does it work? And if you are caught colluding like this will you get banned from Reddit or StumbleUpon?”

That is a good question and I thank you for the comment. First these sites StumbleUpon and Reddit advocate the promotion of others and not your own. On Reddit, you can get away with submitting your own work however it is tricky and…

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