Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

If you don’t follow Harsh Reality then do so now. This is the site that I used as my blog “Bible” when I first started. I read every single article Jason wrote about blogging and I followed his instructions and advice to the letter. And the results show. I have over 6,100 subscribers in 10 months of operation. Read and follow what this man’s says!


8 thoughts on “Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

  1. I prefer to comment on others people posts… When I’m done doing a post, after the reseach, the writing and corrections, put in links, adding images…. Somehow it’s like I,m done with it. Is it weird that I do not seek that much people commenting my blog?? Don’t get me wrong I like it when people do so but it doesn’t bother me that they don’t.. I do like to comment and chat on other’s people’s blogs though.. Guess I’m a giver lol!!! Not a taker!

      1. Yup!! But I have equally interesting conversations. I’m happy like that.. I do think there is something wrong with my page since recently though.. I used to have at least 10 likes and now I get 1 or 2… I will try and find what I do that is not right… I’m kinda wondering.. It started not this post but the one before… I’m baffled..

      2. It “might” be due to how long you have to scroll to find your new posts past the featured posts. Setup a widget to the left with “recent posts” next to the “top posts widget.” See if that changes anything.

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