Beginners Beware: Five Basic Blogging Blunders

This post lists some very good information about errors bloggers make. Here are a few reasons that deter me from following a blog: 1. too lengthy, 2. too mundane, 3. too prideful, 4. always trying to sell something. Any surprise all of my reasons are all listed on Feed the Monkey’s post? Don’t do these things or you will not find followers. Consider this a public service announcement!


5 thoughts on “Beginners Beware: Five Basic Blogging Blunders

  1. I too started blogging in June! I need some help. Any advice on how to develop an email list? I have a email sign up sheet in a widget on my wordpress site. But it only has 5 email so far. I have over 4, 000 followers but want a strong email list. It is very important. I have been reading articles and watching videos on email list development but it doesn’t help me much

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