9 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Soft Drinks

    1. Sugar is the single most dangerous substance on the planet. It should be a controlled substance. and i am not exaggerating. Every doctor i speak with during interviews all speak about how dangerous it is.

      1. It really is. Mom has quit the soda’s and watches her intake of sugar now. It has paid off in so many different ways by doing that. XOXO – Bacon

  1. I was drinking a sixpack a day. But I figured it was diet so I was “safe”. Someone close convinced me I should “cut back” I simply just quit. There’s that “all or nothing”, “black or white” mentality for ya 🙂 Anyhoo – went through unreal withdrawls, but am doing a lot better without the things. Ok, I splurge like once a month and have a root beer. The real stuff – with sugar 😉

    You are on center with this post!

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