2 thoughts on “Fearful of freedom

  1. One should never depend on other people’s ideas what’s right or not, what’s good or bad for them. Technically, this isn’t a fear from the future. This is an inability to make a decision, lack of self-confidence and probably that has resulted from too much control. Well, the sooner we are able to act on our own by clearly understanding all potential consequences, the better. For the most part during our life, we are on our own. We have to go through our pain on our own, and that’s regardless of how much somebody wants us to protect from all the bad things, we have to make our discoveries on our own. It’s not that other experiences in similar situations will help a lot. Just because we are unique and every time point in every given situation is unique. You should exercise more self-confidence, it’s that simple. Decisions are made based on dos and don’ts, based on the expected result and based on our personal experience. Those who don’t have enough of it, must learn and unfortunately make mistakes, as well.

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