Open or Closed Door?

Being open-minded does not mean you have to change. It only means you are willing to listen and experience a different point of view. Are you open? Or are you closed?

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Are you an OPEN or CLOSED door?

open door at apartment OPEN door

In the world do you show up open to people or are you closed? By this I mean, do you attempt to meet people with an open-mind or a closed one. I have become more open-minded, and open-hearted about others, as I have been learning to love and accept myself more.  As I got older, I also noticed as a teacher that I felt more love and connection with my students, and I learned so much about life from them.

closed  apartment door CLOSED door

There is a real down side to NOT being open with all kinds of people of all races, cultures, and sexual orientations. You miss out on getting to know interesting, intelligent, and fun people when you remain closed in your thinking. You miss opportunities to eat their delicious food or hear different kinds of music. You are also cutting…

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2 thoughts on “Open or Closed Door?

  1. People with Close door has another drawback too.. There own loved ones will make distance from them one day because they are not readily available to hear every time as tge doors are shut..Further closed door people has some negetivity in them because if you are an open door why would one fear of anything..

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