5 Basic Things All Women Need From A Man

I would like everyone to meet A Thomas Point of View!!

A Thomas Point of View

The other day a friend and I were conversing about the state of men and women relationships. He dropped some really deep knowledge on me that I felt compelled to write and share with everyone. Now, before I do that, let me give you the following disclaimers…

  • We were sober. No alcohol.
  • He’s jaded and believes that people are not programmed to be faithful.
  • He’s in his 40’s.
  • He’s divorced.
  • He’s happily single.

LOL! I thought it best to share the specifics before continuing. But, what he said made sense to me. He said that women have five basic things that they need from a man. He said that it applies to all women. I disagreed and said maybe the majority (85%) would agree.

Here’s what he determines that women need:

  1. A provider. A man that will provide for his family whether financially or any way that she needs and views him…

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