Cut Me a Break

This post deals with cutting yourself a break and not being too hard on your own failures. Take a few moments and give it a read!

Small Steps, Big Successes, LLC

Have you ever noticed how often you have negative thoughts toward yourself? Does that voice inside your mind point out everything you do “wrong”? Do you find yourself doing things to “punish” yourself when you don’t meet your own expectations? Have you ever spoken negatively about yourself to others? I am willing to bet you have had, and probably still do have, experiences with all of those scenarios. We are human after all – we are not perfect no matter how much we strive to be. And not being perfect gives us ample opportunity to beat up on ourselves.

We are hardest on ourselves – deep down I think we all know that. For one thing, so much of it just seems to automatically happen inside our minds that we often don’t even notice we are being hard on ourselves. And secondly, we live in a society where everyone can…

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