16 thoughts on “9 Things I Learned From Not Blogging Every Day

      1. I knew that was going to catch you, that’s why I put it in quotes – in some opinions I may blog “bad”, but that’s just their opinion. No one is forced to read my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I think you have a great page. You’re honest, insightful and you respond to comments. Those are the criteria I look for in a “good” blogger. IMHO, the most notable trait is honesty, which you have in abundance.

      3. That honesty gets me in more trouble than it’s worth sometimes. But when it comes to me, especially with my blog, honesty is the hallmark. Which, if you read some of my poems, is really a sad state of affairs…

      4. I have found honesty can get me in trouble also. But it has also been therapeutic for me as it relates to the MS. Writing and being honest is like my purge valve.

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