How Often Do You Reorganize Your Categories?

How Often Do You Reorganize Your Categories?


I have been working to clean up my page a bit, especially the categories.  I had a lot of categories with only 1 or 2 posts so I have moved a lot of things around.  I want to provide a simple way to weed through the posts so my simplified categories will be as follows:

  1. Dream Big Originals: this category contains all of my originally produced content
  2. Reblogs: contains all of my reblogged posts
  3. Article Shares: contains all the articles I share.  These are resource and research materials I bookmark as I investigate new topics.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis: all posts related to my life living with MS.

Then I have subcategories under the Dream Big Originals:

  1. Healthy Living
  2. Debt Free Living
  3. Charitable Living
  4. Organized/Goal Living
  5. 6 Step Plan: any posts related to my 6 step plan i use to reach my goals
  6. Habits of Successful Living: all posts that pertain to my list of habits needed to be successful.

All the other categories I will be merging and deleting.  Hopefully this will help to make navigating much easier.  Many of you have emailed me asking for links to a specific post and this should help a bit.


22 thoughts on “How Often Do You Reorganize Your Categories?

  1. Urgh, my categories are already a muddle of misspellings. Must Fix. Really I want to say thank you though for the re-blog. You really made my day, and it generated extra visitors to the page which I couldn’t have reached without you. Thank You!

    1. You are very welcome. I always try to do whatever I can to help others. And it took me a couple days of going through 2000 posts! It was awful but now is very organized and easier to find stuff.

  2. That’s part of the reason for version 2 blog. Right now, I have 3 categories that I use and I am going to challenge myself if I think about making more.

      1. Yes it is…typically as one grows in different endeavours, the picture becomes clearer. I like your will sure make it easy to navigate on your site.

  3. I have actually been writing out potential categories now that I have been finding a pattern to my posts. I am sure I will be tweeking these with time like you have;)

      1. I think this will be a pain in ass for me too, but I did see you had a category Reblog sometime ago so I followed your lead on that one. I still have more to be done.

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