If You Haven’t Visited These 2 Pages, Then You Are Missing an Incredible Opportunity!!

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image credit: MostlyBlogging.com
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image credit:michaelathonyrios.wordpress.com

About a week or so ago two blogs joined forces on a mission to help other bloggers gain more exposure: Michael’s Origins and Most Blogging.  The idea as I understand it is to share other’s articles on Reddit and Stumbleupon as a way of gaining more views and followers.

I have no experience with either platform but quickly became a believer this past weekend.  Michael shared my post and I received over 120 views this past weekend.  That might not seem like a ton, but for a lot of my readers that are also bloggers, that could easily surpass daily totals!  For me it represented about 7% of my weekend totals views!!

That is free exposure for my page and a huge endorsement for Michael and Janice!!

If you have any questions, as I did, you can contact either Michael or Janice through the contact information on each of their pages.  You will need to click on both links and follow the instructions for leaving your article share link.  I am excited about the possibilities of their partnership and will be keeping a close eye on this networking opportunity!!

With that said I would like to say a hearty THANK YOU to both Michael and Janice for being such gracious hosts and giving bloggers!!


10 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Visited These 2 Pages, Then You Are Missing an Incredible Opportunity!!

      1. I am so thankful for Danny, yourself, and Michael for the way you open yourselves to help other bloggers. I’m just passing on your kind efforts – you guys are doing all the “work” 🙂

    1. Visit Janice’s site and read up about it. The trick to Stumbleupon is to have someone other than yourself post your information. Like I said, I’m no expert, but 100 quick views got my attention.

  1. Hi Danny,
    Thank you so much for promoting my StumbleUpon group and Michael’s Reddit group. Several people from your community did come over today. Thank you for this exposure.
    StumbleUpon has been my leading traffic source since starting the group.

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