Eventually Something Will Give

Eventually something will give.  I often think about this when I see a car that is obviously being neglected.  Smoking out the tail pipe, bald tires and in need of a tune up.  Why does the owner continue to drive their car into the ground?  Do they realize that the short-term cost of maintenance far outweighs the devastation of long-term neglect?  Also, driving the car in a neglected state can put their life and families’ lives in danger.

credit: genius.com

credit: genius.com

Obviously they have never considered these dangers, because it makes no sense to be aware of the danger, yet continue to subject their families to the risk.

And so it is with our health.  We only have one body in which we live.  I am not saying to completely eliminate donuts and lattes.  After all I have been very honest about my love affair with Burger King.  What I am saying is to live a moderately healthy lifestyle.

So let’s be honest for a moment.  Most of us don’t.

Many of us haven’t eaten a vegetable in weeks.  We live on bread, meat, cheese and potatoes or starchy foods.  And then worst of all we guzzle soda like it’s going out of style.

You have many years left on this planet and you need to start taking care of your body as you would your vehicle.

It only makes sense, right?!

23 thoughts on “Eventually Something Will Give

  1. Great analogy! You are so right. I’m shocked to see what some people eat and drink, how they don’t take care of their bodies. I’m all in for enjoying all food but you need to find the right balance. And teach your kids how to eat healthy. And that doesn’t mean surviving on soft drinks and fast food…

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