Losing Weight vs. Losing Keys

Meet Being Lydia!!

Being Lydia!

The other day I was talking to someone about what’s been happening in my life and mentioned that I have been, among other things, losing some weight. She was quick to remind me that this isn’t a positive statement.

If you lose your keys, your first instinct is to go looking for them. So, in the same vein, if you lose weight you imply that you will find it again. So, I have decided that just as I have avoided weighing myself every week so I don’t set myself up for failure every week, I will not be searching for those lost pounds.

I started searching for another term that would fit without having another meaning.

  • If I were to drop the weight I could catch it again
  • Shedding pounds just makes way for new ones to “grow in”
  • Taking the weight off means there is room to put some…

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