Globes and glasses

Meet Fiona’s Favourites!!

Fiona's Favourites

A year ago, I acquired a new camera, and since then, I have taken more roughly 250 photographs each month.  I had thought that I might celebrate this “anniversary” by picking out what I considered to be my best twelve – one for each month.  I also thought that I hadn’t taken many photographs that were particularly spectacular, but I surprised myself.  That said, there are some that, without having been “doctored” would have been underwhelming.  Like these two, taken last December:

ArtichokesDec2014 “Arty” choke in a martini glass

Like those photographs, our artichokes weren’t fantastic – entirely my own fault – we literally “choked” them out by planting broad beans around the baby plants.  This year the broad beans were planted, in solitary splendour, next to the peas that trapped beautiful, June dew drops.


Also in June, I began experimenting with light and glasses, taking this picture on a late winter’s…

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